Thursday, 19 June 2014

What's Up on YouTube: Talking The Talk

Ever since the likes of Terry Wogan and Michael Parkinson bestrode the world of the talk show like besuited colossi, the format has illuminated TV like no other. At heart it’s simplicity itself: two people talking. But the results can be unforgettable — in both good and bad ways. 

The producers of these programmes have now started to turn to YouTube to share show snippets, with moments like Sandra Bullock playing the piano with her Christian Louboutins on The Jonathan Ross Show alongside Tom Hanks captured for eternity and clocking up almost five million views — in May 2013 the show's series finale drew ratings of a shade under 2.6 million.

In the US hosts like Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and latterly Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver have enjoyed stellar numbers on YouTube with regular sketches like ‘Clueless Gamer’, ‘I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy’, ‘Mean Tweets’, ‘Lip Sync Battle’ and ‘People Who Think Good’. In the wake of that many channels are now uploading highlights daily and internet-based set-ups are clearly on the up. 

Their UK counterparts are also getting in on the act, with The Jonathan Ross Show being joined by The Graham Norton Show, Alan Carr Chatty Man, Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled and The Clare Balding Show. So if you're looking to hear Joey Barton’s French accent, play drunk golf with Justin Timberlake, discuss pubic hair with Cameron Diaz or learn to pole dance with Lindsay Lohan, then you know where to head. 

But if the prospect of shooting the breeze with a celebrity doesn’t do it for you, why not plot a course to /music or /YouTubeUK to get a taste of what else is trending on YouTube… talkative or otherwise.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What’s Up on YouTube: Food, Food Revolutions and... More Food

This Friday Jamie Oliver is going to attempt to deliver the world’s biggest cooking lesson live on YouTube as part of the 2014 Food Revolution Day, an event dedicated to broadening children’s knowledge of nutrition alongside improving their cooking skills. What’s on the menu? Rainbow Salad Wrap, apparently — tune in from 2pm. 

However, it isn't all health, health, health when it comes to food on YouTube, as a new series from Time Out London attests. "Boy Vs Food" sees the listings magazine's 'gastric athlete' take on the capital's biggest big-food challenges, including the Meat Liquor Triple Chilli Challenge, the Oktoberfest's Double Knuckle and the outright terrifying Wonder Caf√© monster fry up. By turns enthralling, appetizing and disgusting, the series is one to watch.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel has been steadily building since relaunching in a more concerted, YouTube-specific way in late 2012. With 800,000 subscribers, 45 million views and more recipes than most of us will ever attempt in our lives, the channel has become a hub of food-related activity, bringing established chefs like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Gennaro Contaldo to the platform. It has also provided a home for the likes of DJ BBQ, Barry from My Virgin Kitchen and Food Tube’s international competition winner, Felicitas Pizarro — and with Food Revolution is delivering something you'll struggle to find anywhere other than here on YouTube. 

But, to give them their due, there is a channel that predates Jamie Oliver in terms of having a vision about food online and both building and connecting with the wider YouTube community in the form of Sorted Food. Starting out with an approach that was nothing if not irreverent, the channel has gone on to collaborate with top YouTube channels and rack up 63 million views — keeping things fun throughout. 

If that isn’t enough food-based video for you, then the Waitrose channel recently launched a series featuring baking guru Paul Hollywood and Sainsbury’s have uploaded a raft of cooking how to videos. All in all, right now you’ve got no excuse not to hit the kitchen. 

But if food doesn’t do it for you, why not head to /music or /YouTubeUK to get a taste of what else is trending on YouTube… edible or otherwise. 

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What’s Up on YouTube: The World Cup is coming

In case you hadn’t noticed, what with the Premiership reaching its most exciting (and borderline surreal) conclusion since Sergio Aguero’s last-minute winner in 2012, Brazil is preparing to host the World Cup this summer, welcoming the finest players and most fervent fans that the planet has to offer. At the same time a host of YouTube channels are also looking to serve your every need as the tournament approaches. 

Organisers FIFA are in the midst of a 100-day countdown featuring World Cup goals scored by the host nation (check out this classic free-kick from Garrincha in 1966). The channel also profiles all the teams battling to reach the final on Sunday, July 13 at the Maracan√£ in Rio de Janeiro. 

In the run-up to on-pitch hostilities, football lifestyle channel Copa90 have sent their very own Football Virgin, Maya Jama, to scope out the 12 cities that will provide the backdrop to the competition: visiting the stadia, finding out more about football in the country and — let’s face it — having what looks like a wonderful time in the sun. 

Another person hoping that their day in the sun has come is England Manager Roy Hodgson, who is set to announce the squad he will take to Brazil on May 12 in a press conference that will be streamed live at from 2pm. If you can’t wait that long, the channel also features his thoughts on fan expectations and the group stage England must navigate at the tournament, alongside all the action from the nerve-racking qualification process. 

Other national teams with official channels on YouTube include Brazil, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Uruguay, Italy, France, Nigeria, Ghana, The USA and Belgium

If the prospect of blanket football coverage leaves you cold, come and see what we have on offer at the UK Spotlight channel or strike to the YouTube Music page for something completely different…

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What's Up on YouTube: Boxing, More Boxing and Migrating Birds

Las Vegas is built on showbusiness and right now the biggest show in town is the forthcoming fight to decide who will become the Welterweight Champion of the World, with the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather taking on Marcos Maidana. As part of the build-up to the bout, the Showtime Sports channel has produced an Emmy-nominated series profiling the fighters, which sits neatly alongside full-length fight footage and more, including Maidana’s 2010 loss to the UK’s Amir Khan at light welterweight — billed by Oscar De La Hoya as one of the fights of the decade. 

If that isn’t enough of the sweet science for you, British boxing legend Chris Eubank’s son, Chris Jr, has set up a channel documenting his progress in the ring. The latest uploads show him knocking out Hungarian champion Sandor Micsko in the second round of the their eight-round fight, taking his tally to 14 fights unbeaten. 

Another series of note to hit YouTube this week comes from TV naturalist Chris Packham, who, when he isn’t busy inserting The Smiths and David Bowie song titles into his BBC “Springwatch” scripts, is a keen birdwatcher. Troubled by the springtime tradition in Malta of shooting migrating birds — much of which is illegal — “Malta - Massacre on Migration” sees Packham talk to local campaigners, hunters and the local Police as he takes a closer look at a practice that many believe is impacting bird numbers across the whole of Europe.

For more highlights from across YouTube, head to the YouTube UK Spotlight channel to see the hottest videos of the day, stay abreast of what’s happening in the news and find out more about some of the trends making waves on the platform. And if it's music you want, give a try -- what could possibly go wrong?

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Monday, 14 April 2014

YouTube: What’s Up

YouTube was busy over the weekend, with The FA Cup reaching the semi-final stage at Wembley and the Coachella Festival streaming live from its site at Indio, California, so if it’s goals or gigs you’re on the hunt for, you’ve definitely come to the right place. 

The FA Cup has been uploading game highlights and more throughout this season’s cup campaign but has introduced a couple of new features in the form of Slomo:Cam and Pitch:Cam which offer up new angles and approaches to capturing the excitement of live sport. Besides these innovations, the channel features build-up content, interviews and post-match responses, offering a one-stop-video-shop as the hunt for silverware reaches its climax. 

Weekend One of Coachella has wrapped but the channel is still streaming live performances from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Bastille and… Bryan Ferry (with Ladytron). The festival has also uploaded performance videos, so if you’re looking for a shot of live music still shrouded in desert air, you know where to go. 

If you fancy a more local music experience, however, Neneh Cherry & Rocketnumbernine are slated to deliver an exclusive afternoon session for Boiler Room TV on Wednesday from 2pm. Tessa Pollitt from legendary all-female punk band The Slits provides a warm-up set and if the session is anywhere near as good as the one offered up by Andrew Weatherall and Friendly Fires earlier this month, then a treat is in store. 

For more highlights from across YouTube, head to the YouTube UK Spotlight channel to see the hottest videos of the day, stay abreast of what’s happening in the news and find out more about some of the trends making waves on the platform. And if it's music you want, give a try -- what could possibly go wrong?  

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sky First Episodes On YouTube

If you fancy a taste of BSkyB’s new dramas without having to sign up to the broadcaster’s service, then head to from this Saturday, February 1. 

Series including “Moonfleet”, “The Tunnel” and “Moone Boy” will have premieres uploaded to the channel either as full episodes or initial scenes, so if you’re at all interested in the great British dramas that Sky TV have been producing, then head to /SkyFirstEpisodes and subscribe. An early look at Ray Winstone as the leader of a gang of smugglers? Why not. 

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer in the City 2013: See You Soon!

In a short while we’ll be joining thousands of fans to celebrate the YouTube Creator Community at Summer in the City 2013 held in London on the 17th & 18th August. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing this gathering grow from just 600 in 2011 to more than 7000 tickets already sold for this year.

This year the event is held at Alexandra Place with performances, panels, workshops, Q&A Sessions from so many Special Guests. Be sure to visit the YouTube Booth Area where you can meet your favorite star, have a photo clicked with your friends or just relax and enjoy free smoothies!

Don’t forget to check out the YouTube presence there. Here’s what we’re up to.
  • Keynote: Join us on Saturday at 6 p.m. to celebrate the incredible things creators have done in the last year and we’ll also talk about what’s upcoming
  • YouTube Fan Booth: Come visit our YouTube Space where you can relax or chat with the YouTube Team. You can also snap memories in our amazing  photo booth, and take home some awesome YouTube swag!
  • “6 things you never knew about YouTube” Workshops : Join us for a variety of workshops where you can hear directly from the YouTube team. Here is a sneak peak:
    • Extreme Playbooking
    • You Chose! What Makes a Hit Series on YouTube OR The Best Videos You've Never Seen  
    • Designing for What the World is Watching
    • Every meme starts with a first video
    • Getting closer to YouTube with Google+
    • The coolest feature on YouTube that no-one knows about

We’re looking forward to seeing you, hearing from you, learning with you (and of course having fun alongside you!) at SITC this year. London, here we come!

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